Your personal guide


about myself

I love history, cultural heritage and nature of my country, archeology and wooden architecture, small towns and villages and local cuisine and much, much more and want to share my passion with others. In addition, I have broad life experience, having born in the USSR and witnessed many events happened in this part of the world. My military background (10 years in the Soviet Army, including participation in the Afghan war) and my vast international experience (15 years in the UN in different countries, including Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia) allow me to be a good source of interesting and, sometimes, unique information and find common language with everybody.


I have graduated from the Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense as military interpreter of English and Farsi, completed the guides' course at the Ministry of Tourism and was successfully certified as a guide by the Ministry. 


I also speak Serbian/Croatian and understand Italian. 


Sincerely yours,